OSHA announces steps to prevent demolition-related fatalities

On July 10, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a news release that outlines recent demolition-related fatalities that could have been prevented and provides information and guidelines to protect against accidents like this.

In its statement, the OSHA announced the updated version of its Demolition page – a resource site that aims to educate workers and employers about demolition hazards and prevention. The agency also said it recently provided demolition safety training to federal, state, and local government staff who manages construction safety in Philadelphia.

Nearly 1,000 citations for violating demolition safety standards were issued by the OSHA from 2009 to 2013. The most common violation was the failure to conduct an engineering survey prior to demolition to determine possible hazards.

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Kraft’s Velveeta Cheese recalled due to risk of premature spoilage

American grocery manufacturing and processing conglomerate Kraft issued a consumer-level voluntary recall of its Velveeta Original Pasteurized Recipe Cheese product because the cheese might not contain enough preservatives to avoid early spoilage, Tech Times reported on June 21.

In a statement issued on June 19, Kraft stated that the products may have been distributed to different Walmart stores across 12 different states, including Michigan. Results from the product sample tests revealed the affected products might not contain adequate amount of sorbic acid, a food preservative essential to preventing premature spoilage.

The recalled cheese bear the details 10021000611611 as UPC code, 021000611614 as consumer package UPC code, and a date code and time stamp of Dec. 17, 2014 and 09:34 – 13:15, respectively.

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Families of those killed by GM defect to receive at least $1M

In a press conference held in Washington D.C. on June 30, compensation expert for General Motors (GM) Kenneth Feinberg announced the company’s plan to provide at least a million dollars for each death associated with GM’s defective ignition switch, the International Business Times reported.

On top of the $1 million is a summation of the victim’s economic worth, an additional $300,000 for a surviving spouse, and another $300,000 for every living dependent. Although the company could have opted to use the bankruptcy it filed for in 2009 to avoid addressing all previous product liability claims, it has chosen not to do this. However, claims in which airbags were deployed will most likely be rejected.

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NuvaRing’s multi-million settlement to stand

Last February, pharmaceutical giant Merck agreed to pay $100 million to settle accusations that its contraceptive ring NuvaRing can cause fatal health risks. Merck had an option to reject the agreement if less than 95% of the legitimate claimants failed to participate in the deal, USA Today reported on June 5.

However, an announcement made by Merck and the attorneys defending the claimants revealed that the 95% participation rate has been satisfied, which means the agreement will be in force for approximately 3,800 plaintiffs. NuvaRing, a contraceptive device that is 98% effective in preventing pregnancies, has been involved in a series of lawsuits alleging that the device may cause life-threatening health risks, such as heart attack and stroke.

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OSHA raises awareness about heat-related illnesses in the workplace

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the U.S. Department of Labor has launched its awareness campaign about the heat hazards that workers and employers in the outdoor industries face, a report by The Times and Democrat stated on June 1.

For four consecutive years, the OSHA has aimed to educate both the employers and the employees about the health risks brought about by a hot weather. The report revealed that heat-related diseases resulted in 31 fatalities and 4,120 illnesses in the workplace in 2012. Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Health Dr. David Michaels said the lack of acclimatization, the body’s adaptation to heat, accounted for almost two-thirds of heat-related citations issued within the last three years.

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Kraft cheese products recalled due to improper storage

Kraft Foods Group has issued a voluntary consumer product recall of four cottage cheese labels on Saturday, May 17, due to improper storage that could lead to spoilage or illness, Food Safety News reported on May 18.

The company is recalling 1.2 million cases of Knudsen, Breakstone, Simply Kraft, and Daily Chef after discovering that some of its ingredients were not stored at the correct temperature. All of the affected products have code dates ranging from May 9, 2014 to July 23, 2014, which can typically be found on the top of the package.

The company added that only the Simply Kraft products with the plant code 06-245 and without a ‘W’ in the case code date are affected by the recall.

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GM seeks to reject liability claims linked to “old GM”

According to an article by the Detroit Free Press, General Motors is seeking protection from all product liability claims associated with incidents that transpired before it went out of bankruptcy.

The plan was made public after the vehicle manufacturer issued an appeal to delay litigation over a class action lawsuit until a federal judge decides on the company’s product liability protection.

GM plans to file a motion in bankruptcy court that will reject product liability claims linked to the “old” company before it emerged from bankruptcy in July 2009. This means that GM’s plans to compensate victims affected by defective GM vehicles could be dropped.

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Crane accident in Ecorse kills one man

On Friday, April 4 a crane collapse accident that happened at a U.S. Steel worksite in Ecorse killed one worker.

Authorities reported that a crane fell around 5:45 a.m. at the Great Lakes Steel facility killing 36-year-old crane operator, Chris Castro. A statement released by the company said that Castro was a contractor with Connelly Crane.

No other workers were injured in the incident. Investigations over the cause of the accident are still underway.

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GSK recalls Alli weight loss products due to tampering

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare has issued a voluntary recall of all of its Alli weight loss products over reports of tampering, the U.S. Finance Post revealed on Friday, March 28.

The company received reports of tampered Alli bottles from Texas, North Carolina, New York, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama. GSK encourages U.S. consumers to stop using Alli products and to call them immediately for instructions.

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Toyota to enter into $1.2 billion settlement over sudden acceleration issues

A report published by CNN on Wednesday, March 19 revealed that Toyota will pay around $1.2 billion to settle safety issues and for deliberately misleading customers and the government over concerns of sudden acceleration.

According to the agreement between the Justice Department and the Japanese car giant, the government will monitor Toyota while charges against the company are put off for three years. The agreement also included Toyota’s admission of deceiving U.S. authorities who investigated safety issues.

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