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For millions of Americans, Social Security disability benefits are essential to their ability to make ends meet. Workers who suffer from a disabling condition, whether as a result of disease, the permanent consequence of a car accident or other serious incident, or from mental illness, can find it difficult or impossible to maintain steady employment, and many employers may refuse these individuals a job. Therefore, Social Security disability benefits are critical to providing support for those in this situation.

Unfortunately, the process of applying for and receiving Social Security disability benefits can be difficult, particularly for individuals with difficult-to-diagnose conditions and those who may already be receiving limited compensation in other forms, such as workers’ compensation benefits. If you have a disabling condition and need to apply for Social Security disability benefits, the Detroit social security attorneys at Ravid & Associates, P.C. knows how important receiving these benefits may be for you and your family, and we can increase your chances of securing the assistance you need.

Qualifying for Social Security Benefits

Social Security disability benefits have a rigorous application process, and applicants must first demonstrate that they meet the eligibility criteria in order to be approved for benefits. Some of these qualifying factors include:

  • Previous work history
  • Individual’s medical condition
  • Beginning of condition’s appearance
  • Medical documentation of condition

These and other factors must be fully and properly accounted for in order for an individual’s application to be successful. The help of qualified legal assistance when filling out the application for benefits can help to avoid any problems which may delay approval.

Talk to a Detroit Social Security Lawyer

If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, you should first consult with an attorney to ensure that your application is free of errors and in full compliance with the law. Contact Ravid & Associates, P.C. today at (248) 963-1473 to speak with a knowledgeable member of our qualified professional staff and learn more about how we can help you.

Social Security Benefits FAQs

What are social security benefits?

Social Security benefits are meant to supplement the income of Americans with certain disabilities, older Americans, and families in which a spouse or parent has died. The system works by taking taxes from American workers and distributing them to Americans in need of additional help and who qualify for social security benefits.

Social security is not meant to replace anyone’s income or be the only source of income for families but typically accounts for about 40 percent of an individual’s previous income. Many individuals and families rely on social security income to survive and most American families will have someone who uses or qualifies for social security benefits at some point. If you have any questions about social security or would like to see if you qualify, call the offices of Ravid & Associates, P.C. at (248) 963-1473.

How can I qualify for social security benefits?

There are a few ways that you can qualify for social security benefits. You may be eligible for social security benefits if you have a physical or mental disability that affects your ability to find or maintain work. If you are retired and between the ages of 62 and 70 and have worked for a certain number of years, you may additionally qualify for benefits.

Finally, if you or a dependent parent, spouse, or child of a worker who has died, you may be eligible to receive benefits from the loss of wages that you have suffered from their passing. If you are unsure if you qualify or would like more information about benefits, please contact the offices of Ravid & Associates, P.C. at (248) 963-1473.

How much can I expect to receive for my social security claim?

The amount you can receive varies depending on your date of birth and earning history, or the earning history of your parent, spouse, or child who has passed. If you have a disability and have little income and minimal resources, you may be eligible for the Supplemental Security program, which may give you any amount of help.

To get a better idea of how much money you can expect to receive from Social Security benefits, you can use the Social Security Quick Calculator on the government website or contact our Detroit social security attorneys at the offices of Ravid & Associates, P.C. at (248) 963-1473.