Motorcycle Safety Gear To Help Prevent Serious Injuries

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Motorcycle accidents can be devastating because you are exposed to the full force of the collision. Fortunately, motorcycle safety gear can often protect you in case of an accident. However, if you were already hurt in a Detroit motorcycle accident by another driver, you need fair financial compensation to cover your bills and recover. You should not have to cover out-of-pocket costs when another driver is negligent, and our Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer can help you with your case.

What Motorcycle Safety Gear Do You Need?

Staying safe on a motorcycle means defensive driving, obeying traffic laws, and wearing some or all of the following motorcycle safety gear. This critical gear can protect you from an accident collision, weather, road debris, and more.


Nothing is more critical on your motorcycle safety gear list than a helmet. Everyone knows protecting your head in an accident can prevent serious injury and death. Severe head injuries usually require the most accident recovery, and sadly, some accident victims never recover from these injuries and even die.

Many excellent helmet options exist, but the most protective has a face and eye shield. The best models have a full or partial face shield, but if you want an open-face product, you must also invest in goggles.Regardless, the helmet must be DOT approved.


Like motorcycle riding jackets and other safety clothes, gloves can be purchased in Kevlar, leather, Cordura, or a combination of these materials. Many motorcycle gloves have additional padding for the palms and knuckles to prevent road rash if you go down. There are gloves available that offer wrist protection, too.


A motorcycle jacket protects your body if you go down and reduces the chances of injury in a crash. Most jackets are composed of Kevlar, Cordura, or leather, protecting skin from road rash. For impact protection, your jacket should have extra padding for the shoulders, elbows, and back. There are even some motorcycle jackets fitted with airbags!

For the most versatile motorcycle jacket, opt for a removable liner and venting you can adjust. These features make the jacket more comfortable for hot or cold weather. No matter the style you prefer, there are motorcycle jackets that will protect you on the road.


Motorcycle boots are sometimes overlooked, but they are critical to keeping you safe on the road. Wearing regular shoes, or worse, flip flops, while riding can leave your feet dangerously exposed in an accident.

Motorcycle boots need to be lightweight, strong, and weatherproof. They also need plenty of stiffness to protect you but still be flexible enough when you walk. It is recommended to have motorcycle boots with more padding in the left one so you do not hurt your foot while cycling through gears.

The sole of the boot is also of critical importance. Detroit road surfaces vary, and conditions change in bad weather. So, your motorcycle boots must offer plenty of grip and resist oil and other fluids on the streets. Plus, most motorcycles weigh hundreds of pounds, so a proper boot should give you enough ankle support so your feet do not tire when you stop in traffic.

Bright-Colored Vest

The most common reason for motorcycle accidents is when the car driver does not see them. You can make yourself visible on the road with a high-visibility, reflective vest. This gear dramatically increases your safety and is inexpensive. Highway construction crews have used such vests for decades to avoid accidents, so more bikers have chosen them in recent years.

Many high-quality motorcycle jackets are available in reflective and bright colors. But if your is black or another dark color, simply add an inexpensive, high-visibility vest.

Even With Gear, Injuries Can Still Happen

Motorcyclists can protect themselves with gear and defensive riding, but bikes still lack the safety features and protection of cars. Because motorcycle riders are exposed on the road, there is still the chance that a reckless driver can hit and severely injure them. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle crash and another driver was at fault, you could receive compensation for your losses.

Payment for your medical expenses lost earnings, and property damage you did not cause may come from a settlement from the driver’s insurance policy. But if the insurance provider refuses to compensate you fairly, you may need your attorney to file a lawsuit.

How To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

It is wise to wear motorcycle safety gear in case of an accident, but avoiding a crash is best. You can often avoid motorcycle crashes by using these safety tips:

Drive The Speed Limit

The faster you ride your bike, the less time you have to react to stopped cars, vehicles turning in front of you, road debris, etc. For example, driving 10 MPH over the speed limit could make it harder to anticipate a curve in the road. If you enter the curve too fast, losing control and crashing is more likely.

Take A Look Behind You At Intersections

Many motorcycle accidents happen because drivers do not see them. This is why motorcycles are often hit from behind at traffic signals and stop signs. You can avoid this problem by looking behind you when stopped. If it appears that a car needs to slow down faster, pull onto the road shoulder immediately.

Understand How To Drive Safely When Road Hazards Are Present

If you ride a motorcycle enough, you will deal with road hazards eventually. These hazards might be train tracks, slick pavement, potholes, rocks, branches, or even blown-out tires.

You need to know how to maneuver safely around road hazards without crashing. These maneuvering and braking methods can help you negotiate these hazards safely. One way to learn these safety methods is by taking a motorcycle safety course in your community. You will learn these and other defensive driving methods to stay safe.

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