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Suffering an on-the-job injury can be devastating to a worker, both in the short and long term. Initially, the pain and trauma of the injury can be difficult to cope with, particularly if it occurs as the result of a serious accident, such as an automobile collision or a construction accident. However, the long-term consequences can be equally devastating, as the costs of medical bills and lost income may be too much for a worker and their family to deal with.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits can help to alleviate some of these concerns, although it may be difficult for workers to actually receive the benefits to which they should be entitled. If you have suffered a workplace injury in Detroit, the lawyers at Ravid & Associates, P.C. understand how important it is for you to secure the workers’ comp benefits you need, and we are committed to helping you fight for it.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

The process of filing for workers’ compensation benefits is, unfortunately, very complex and can result in considerable frustration for injured workers. Fortunately, working with an experienced attorney can increase your chances of success, and can make the process of filing for claims, or appealing a denial, much easier. At Ravid & Associates, P.C. we are prepared to help you with all aspects of a workers’ compensation claim, including:

In addition to filing a workers’ compensation claim, many injured workers find themselves needing to file personal injury lawsuits against third parties, and we are prepared to handle these claims as well.

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Workers’ Compensation FAQs

Can I sue my employer for additional compensation for my injury if I was already paid through workers’ compensation?

Generally, no, you cannot sue your employer for more compensation if they have workers’ compensation insurance and have paid you through their policy. There are, however, a few exceptions in which employees can still sue, such as:

  • When an employer makes an action with the specific intent to hurt a worker.
  • If the employer retaliated against the employee for making a workers’ compensation claim.
  • If the employer was uninsured in workers’ compensation insurance despite being legally required to have it.

Additionally, if a third party is responsible for your injury, such as a property owner or manufacturer of defective equipment, the employee can still sue these parties for compensation.

Is my employer required to have workers’ compensation insurance?

Yes, under the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act of Michigan, virtually every employer, in both the private and public sector, are legally required to have some form of workers’ compensation insurance, save for a few professions that are covered under federal laws.

Some small employers may be exempt, but if your employer has a staff of three or more employees at one time or employs one individual for more than 35 hours a week for longer than 13 weeks, they are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. Because of this, practically every worker in Michigan is covered in the unfortunate event of an injury at work.

Can someone other than my employer be found liable for my work-related injury?

Yes. In Michigan, most suits related to an injury at work are waged against third parties as employers are generally protected from additional lawsuits under their workers’ compensation insurance. Common parties that may be found liable for employee injuries include any owners of the property where the employee was injured, given that something unsafe about the premise contributed to the injury; some subcontractors in certain sectors; and any manufacturers of equipment or tools whose defect or malfunction led to an injury.

Talk To Our Detroit Workers’ Comp Attorneys

If you have suffered a workplace injury and need help securing workers’ compensation benefits, contact our Detroit workers’ compensation attorneys of Ravid & Associates, P.C. today at (248) 963-1473 to speak with a qualified legal professional about your situation and learn more about what we may be able to do to help.


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