Michigan Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Claims

statute of limitations

You may want to file a personal injury lawsuit when you have a possible claim in Michigan because of an accident caused by someone else’s conduct. If so, it is vital to understand the statute of limitations for this type of case. This article details the Michigan statute of limitations for personal injury claims. If you have questions about a case, our Detroit personal injury lawyers at Ravid & Associates can answer them.

The Statute Of Limitations In Michigan

Michigan state law states that you have three years from the accident date to file a personal injury lawsuit. This means you have three years from the incident date to get the complaint filed in court. This three-year deadline applies to most personal injury lawsuits in Michigan, whether the case is caused by negligence.

If you miss the statute of limitations and try to file, the defendant will probably file a motion to dismiss the case. Unless there is a rare situation where you can get more time, the court will dismiss the case.

Michigan’s personal injury statute of limitations is also essential if you are in settlement negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company. You have lost leverage if the other party knows that the three-year deadline has expired. This is why retaining a personal injury attorney early in the process is vital. You want to give your attorney plenty of time to negotiate and have the unspoken possibility of a lawsuit in the background if negotiations do not bear fruit.

What Are Exceptions To The Michigan Statute Of Limitations?

Several exceptions may extend the statute of limitations for personal injury. Some examples that could change the timeline are:

  • If the injured party was insane when the accident occurred. In that case, they will have one year to file the personal injury lawsuit once they are no longer in that state of mind. Keep in mind that ‘insane’ according to the law means a condition of mental derangement that prevents you from understanding your rights. It is not dependent on if you were judicially declared insane.
  • If the injured party was under 18 when the accident happened. In that case, you will have one year to file the lawsuit after you turn 18.
  • If the person who caused the injury leaves the state after the accident, before the suit is filed, and is gone for more than 60 days. In that case, the period the defendant was gone probably will not be counted under the statute of limitations, assuming there is no way you can serve the defendant with the suit when they are absent.

Other Important Michigan Car Accident Laws

Now that we have covered the state’s statute of limitations law, we will examine other important laws that could affect you in a car accident. If you have questions about any of them, your Detroit personal injury attorney can help.

No-Fault Car Accident Laws

Michigan recently became a no-fault car accident state. This means that an injured driver or passenger usually has to use their own personal injury protection insurance to obtain compensation for their medical bills, lost earnings, and related out-of-pocket expenses, regardless of fault. A claim against the at-fault driver is only possible in certain situations. You are required to have the following minimum no-fault coverage (you can pay for more coverage):

  • $50,000 per person injured or killed in a car accident
  • $100,000 per accident when more than one person is injured or killed
  • $10,000 per accident for property damage

Remember that you cannot receive pain and suffering damages with no-fault insurance. You would need to file a car accident lawsuit against the other driver to receive those damages. But that is only allowed in these situations:

  • The accident caused severe impairment of at least one bodily function, severe and permanent disfigurement, or death
  • The driver who caused the accident is a non-resident of Michigan, and the car is not insured in the state
  • The accident occurred in another state
  • The other person must have been at over 50% at fault.

If your incident meets any of these conditions, you may be able to file a third-party auto insurance claim or lawsuit. However, these cases are complex, and you should check with a car accident attorney to ensure you can file a third-party claim or suit.

Modified Comparative Negligence Law

Suppose you suffer a serious injury in a Michigan auto accident and file a lawsuit. The jury hears the evidence and decides that the other driver was at fault, but you were partially to blame, too. What now?

Michigan has a modified comparative negligence standard for car accidents. This means your percentage of fault reduces the damages you can recover in an auto accident lawsuit for the incident.

A critical consideration in the law is that if you were more than 50% at fault for the accident, not only are your economic damages reduced by the percentage of fault. You also cannot recover non-economic damages, which is pain and suffering. This is significant because pain and suffering can be substantial in a severe car accident.

You should hire a skilled auto accident attorney to fight for your rights if you think you were partially at fault for the car accident. The more you are found at fault for what happened, the less you may receive in a claim or lawsuit.

Suppose your auto accident injuries, pain and suffering are worth $50,000. If you are found 25% at fault, you would only get $37,500. But if you are found more than 50% at fault, you would nothing as pain and suffering damages are not allowed in that situation.

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Is A Rideshare Company Liable For Uber Or Lyft Accidents?


Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies changed the transportation industry when they launched in the early 2010s. These services offer riders a convenient option to get around, but what happens if you are injured in an Uber or Lyft accident? Who pays?

In this article, find out about the next steps if you were in an Uber or Lyft accident with injuries. If you have questions about your case, our Detroit car accident lawyers at Ravid & Associates can help you.

Why Do Rideshare Accidents Happen?

Like any other car accidents, accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers happen for many reasons:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • DUI
  • Inexperienced driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Reckless driving

There is also a common rideshare practice called ‘deadheading,’ where the driver simply drives aimlessly in an area where fares may occur. When a driver is looking for a passenger, they could be distracted and get into an accident.

Michigan Is Now A No-Fault Accident State

When considering the next steps after a rideshare accident, you should remember that Michigan recently changed its laws and revised its no-fault state auto laws. This provides each accident victim has a guarantee of certain insurance benefits, regardless of who was at fault. Someone hurt in a Michigan car accident, including a rideshare accident, can have both personal protection insurance benefits and a liability claim (in certain instances).

Under the new Michigan law, each injured party can receive limited medical and rehabilitation expenses, three-year wage loss benefits, and replacement service costs. If your excess economic and non-economic losses are above your no-fault insurance benefits, you can also file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party.

If you are injured in a rideshare accident, just remember that your no-fault insurance will typically pay your initial benefits. But if your injuries and other damages exceed your coverage, you and your attorney will consider additional legal options.

Uber And Lyft Rideshare Company Insurance

Before rideshare companies started, all drivers on American roads were personal or commercial. If you wanted a ride, you would pay for a cab, or ride with a friend or family member. Most commercial cab drivers have work vehicles and pay for commercial auto insurance. A personal auto insurance policy does not cover a driver driving a passenger for money.

Rideshare drivers for Uber and Lyft are between personal and commercial drivers. Uber and Lyft say that their drivers are not employees but are independent contractors who drive customers in private vehicles. A Lyft driver may use his car to take his kids to school in the morning, turn on the Lyft app, and pick up paying customers for most of the day. Then, he might pick up the kids from school and get takeout for the family dinner.

At the beginning of the rideshare era, Uber and Lyft did not have driver insurance coverage. Most had personal auto insurance policies that would not cover them when they had fares. This began to change when an Uber driver killed a pedestrian in San Francisco. The grieving family sued Uber for wrongful death, which led rideshare companies to purchase commercial auto insurance.

Today, Uber and Lyft drivers must have personal auto coverage, and commercial auto coverage may kick in when drivers are working. Which policy pays for what and when depends on the situation. Below are several common scenarios.

When The Rideshare Driver Caused The Accident

As of 2022, if you are hit by an Uber or Lyft driver waiting for a fare, the rideshare company’s liability insurance operates to protect passengers negligently injured by a ride-share driver’s negligence.

If you were hurt by an Uber or Lyft driver when they were picking someone up or transporting a passenger, the company offers up to $1 million in liability protection. In some cases, Uber and Lyft offer uninsured and underinsured coverage, depending on the state.

If you were hurt by an Uber or Lyft driver not using the rideshare app when the accident happened, you may only file the claim on the driver’s personal insurance policy. Your car accident attorney can subpoena cell phone records to determine if the driver was using the app when the accident happened.

When The Other Driver Caused The Accident

As noted earlier, Michigan is a no-fault state, so if you are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle and another vehicle injures you, you would typically file a claim with your insurance company. You may file a claim or lawsuit with the other party’s insurance provider or from a state fund carrier assignment in limited circumstances.

Can You File A Lawsuit Against Uber Or Lyft?

If you were hurt in an Uber or Lyft accident, you might want to know if you can sue the company directly. Rideshare companies have more money at their disposal than most private parties.

But filing a lawsuit against Uber or Lyft is challenging. These companies classify their drivers as contractors, so they are not employees. Entities are more likely to be held liable for injuries when their employees are negligent. However, you could decide to file a suit against a rideshare company in limited cases, such as:

  • When your injuries and other damages exceed your driver’s personal auto policy
  • An Uber or Lyft driver assaulted you
  • You believe Uber or Lyft was reckless in training, hiring, or retaining the driver who injured you

How Long Do You Have To File A Car Accident Lawsuit?

Whether the at-fault party was a rideshare driver or a private party, you have only a limited time to file a personal injury lawsuit in Michigan. The statute of limitations to file a lawsuit is three years from the date of the injury.

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If you are in an accident using Uber or Lyft, understand that these claims and lawsuits are usually more complex than typical accident claims. When you think the rideshare company should pay for your damages, it will help to have an attorney answer your questions. Contact our Detroit car accident lawyers at Ravid & Associates. We can help with your case, so please call (248) 963-1719.

Motorcycle Safety Gear To Help Prevent Serious Injuries

motorcycle safety

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating because you are exposed to the full force of the collision. Fortunately, motorcycle safety gear can often protect you in case of an accident. However, if you were already hurt in a Detroit motorcycle accident by another driver, you need fair financial compensation to cover your bills and recover. You should not have to cover out-of-pocket costs when another driver is negligent, and our Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer can help you with your case.

What Motorcycle Safety Gear Do You Need?

Staying safe on a motorcycle means defensive driving, obeying traffic laws, and wearing some or all of the following motorcycle safety gear. This critical gear can protect you from an accident collision, weather, road debris, and more.


Nothing is more critical on your motorcycle safety gear list than a helmet. Everyone knows protecting your head in an accident can prevent serious injury and death. Severe head injuries usually require the most accident recovery, and sadly, some accident victims never recover from these injuries and even die.

Many excellent helmet options exist, but the most protective has a face and eye shield. The best models have a full or partial face shield, but if you want an open-face product, you must also invest in goggles.Regardless, the helmet must be DOT approved.


Like motorcycle riding jackets and other safety clothes, gloves can be purchased in Kevlar, leather, Cordura, or a combination of these materials. Many motorcycle gloves have additional padding for the palms and knuckles to prevent road rash if you go down. There are gloves available that offer wrist protection, too.


A motorcycle jacket protects your body if you go down and reduces the chances of injury in a crash. Most jackets are composed of Kevlar, Cordura, or leather, protecting skin from road rash. For impact protection, your jacket should have extra padding for the shoulders, elbows, and back. There are even some motorcycle jackets fitted with airbags!

For the most versatile motorcycle jacket, opt for a removable liner and venting you can adjust. These features make the jacket more comfortable for hot or cold weather. No matter the style you prefer, there are motorcycle jackets that will protect you on the road.


Motorcycle boots are sometimes overlooked, but they are critical to keeping you safe on the road. Wearing regular shoes, or worse, flip flops, while riding can leave your feet dangerously exposed in an accident.

Motorcycle boots need to be lightweight, strong, and weatherproof. They also need plenty of stiffness to protect you but still be flexible enough when you walk. It is recommended to have motorcycle boots with more padding in the left one so you do not hurt your foot while cycling through gears.

The sole of the boot is also of critical importance. Detroit road surfaces vary, and conditions change in bad weather. So, your motorcycle boots must offer plenty of grip and resist oil and other fluids on the streets. Plus, most motorcycles weigh hundreds of pounds, so a proper boot should give you enough ankle support so your feet do not tire when you stop in traffic.

Bright-Colored Vest

The most common reason for motorcycle accidents is when the car driver does not see them. You can make yourself visible on the road with a high-visibility, reflective vest. This gear dramatically increases your safety and is inexpensive. Highway construction crews have used such vests for decades to avoid accidents, so more bikers have chosen them in recent years.

Many high-quality motorcycle jackets are available in reflective and bright colors. But if your is black or another dark color, simply add an inexpensive, high-visibility vest.

Even With Gear, Injuries Can Still Happen

Motorcyclists can protect themselves with gear and defensive riding, but bikes still lack the safety features and protection of cars. Because motorcycle riders are exposed on the road, there is still the chance that a reckless driver can hit and severely injure them. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle crash and another driver was at fault, you could receive compensation for your losses.

Payment for your medical expenses lost earnings, and property damage you did not cause may come from a settlement from the driver’s insurance policy. But if the insurance provider refuses to compensate you fairly, you may need your attorney to file a lawsuit.

How To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

It is wise to wear motorcycle safety gear in case of an accident, but avoiding a crash is best. You can often avoid motorcycle crashes by using these safety tips:

Drive The Speed Limit

The faster you ride your bike, the less time you have to react to stopped cars, vehicles turning in front of you, road debris, etc. For example, driving 10 MPH over the speed limit could make it harder to anticipate a curve in the road. If you enter the curve too fast, losing control and crashing is more likely.

Take A Look Behind You At Intersections

Many motorcycle accidents happen because drivers do not see them. This is why motorcycles are often hit from behind at traffic signals and stop signs. You can avoid this problem by looking behind you when stopped. If it appears that a car needs to slow down faster, pull onto the road shoulder immediately.

Understand How To Drive Safely When Road Hazards Are Present

If you ride a motorcycle enough, you will deal with road hazards eventually. These hazards might be train tracks, slick pavement, potholes, rocks, branches, or even blown-out tires.

You need to know how to maneuver safely around road hazards without crashing. These maneuvering and braking methods can help you negotiate these hazards safely. One way to learn these safety methods is by taking a motorcycle safety course in your community. You will learn these and other defensive driving methods to stay safe.

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How To Help Prevent Big Truck Accidents

big truck accidents

Getting in a commercial truck accident is frightening and expensive and sometimes cannot be avoided. However, there are ways to reduce your odds of being hit by a tractor-trailer. This article describes effective defensive driving techniques to avoid some of these incidents. If you have questions about a truck crash, our Detroit truck accident lawyers can assist you today.

What Are Common Causes Of Detroit Semi-Truck Accidents?

Many things can go wrong when a truck driver drives a semi-truck. Most truck crashes are caused by driver error, and common reasons for these accidents are:

Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers drive long hours, and sometimes they will drive more than federal hours-of-service laws allow. Engaging in this illegal activity can result in truck driver drowsiness, significantly increasing the chances of a truck crash. Driver fatigue reduces the driver’s ability to control the rig, impairs judgment, lowers reaction times, and prevents them from making sound driving decisions.

Sometimes drivers fall asleep behind the wheel because of drug use, too. Federal trucking regulations require commercial trucking companies to test their drivers for drug and alcohol use regularly.

Truck Driver Mistakes

Like anyone on the road, truck drivers can make driving mistakes that lead to crashes. Unfortunately, when a truck driver blunders, the consequences can be devastating. After all, a fully loaded semi-truck can weigh 80,000 pounds, so the resulting impact with a 4,000-pound car can cause severe and fatal injuries.

Truck Equipment Issues

Equipment and mechanical failure is another common cause of truck wrecks. Whether it is defective tires, brakes or not having a functioning backup warning system, manufacturing issues can cause truck crashes.

Also, not correctly maintaining the rig can cause many truck crashes. Some of the most common maintenance errors that lead to accident-causing mechanical issues are:

  • Not maintaining the brakes
  • Defective steering system
  • Not changing or maintaining tires, which causes blowouts
  • Not attaching the trailer correctly, which raises the chance of a jackknife accident

Other causes of semi-truck crashes are inclement weather, bad road design, reckless driving, and inoperable traffic signals. Whatever the cause of your truck accident, have a Detroit truck accident attorney review your case promptly. They will investigate the incident and inform you if there is a chance of financial recovery.

How To Avoid Truck Crashes

If a driver is negligent, sometimes a crash with a commercial truck is unavoidable. However, experience shows that defensive driving can often help drivers avoid a run-in with a commercial truck. Here are some critical safety tips:

Stay Out Of The Trucker’s Blind Spots

Tractor trailers have larger blind spots than regular passenger vehicles. This means the driver will have additional difficulty seeing you in certain situations. Remember, if you cannot see the driver’s face in their side mirrors, they cannot see you. When you drive near a big rig, you should avoid these areas:

  • Anything less than 20 feet in front of the tractor-trailer
  • Anything less than 30 feet behind the truck trailer
  • Two lane widths on the right side of the trailer

Always Use Turn Signals

Commercial trucks are enormous and heavy, requiring more room and time to negotiate traffic. Passenger vehicle drivers must use turn signals when changing lanes around these vehicles. Your turn signals alert the driver of your intentions and provide additional time to adjust so you can stay clear of each other.

Give More Distance Between You And The Truck

Many passenger vehicle drivers treat trucks like smaller vehicles, including driving too close to them. This is a mistake that can cause a fatal crash. Experts recommend driving at least four or five seconds behind a truck to give yourself more time to react to sudden situations.

Never Drive Distracted

It is never wise to drive distracted because of a cell phone, radio, passenger conversation, etc. But removing your focus from the road can be deadly around a semi-truck. Stay alert when driving near large trucks to reduce the risk of an accident.

Pass Quickly

The longer you are close to a tractor-trailer, the greater the chances of a mishap. This means you should pass trucks quickly but according to traffic laws. When you are next to a truck in traffic, increase your speed steadily to pass the truck. Do not move into the truck’s lane until you can see the truck’s entire cab in your rearview mirror. But you should not attempt to pass a truck when it is turning right or left because they make wide turns. The driver may not see you during the turn.

Do Not Overestimate A Truck’s Stopping Ability

One of the most dangerous truck accidents is when a big rig rear-ends a smaller vehicle. This severe accident can cause a devastating crash that could rupture the car’s fuel tank. So, keep in mind that trucks cannot stop on a dime. You should never cut a truck driver off and give them plenty of space when you change into their lane. Also, the stopping distance for a fully loaded big rig at 65 MPH is at least 500 feet. This is almost 200 feet more than a passenger vehicle, so bear this in mind as you maneuver around large trucks.

Be Predictable

Staying safe around trucks means being predictable. The result can be catastrophic when the trucker does not know your intentions and guess wrong. Obey traffic laws, pay attention to road signs, and stay at or below the speed limit. Doing these things allows the trucker to predict where you will be, which will reduce the chances of a terrible crash because of poor visibility, blind spots, or unanticipated driving maneuvers.

Contact Our Detroit Truck Accident Attorneys

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The Most Dangerous Intersections In Detroit

dangerous intersections

Most people in Detroit get around by car, but there are many severe accidents in the city daily, and sometimes they are fatal. Some of the most serious accidents happen in busy Detroit intersections – of the 24,687 auto accidents in the city in 2017, 10,288 happened in intersections, and more than 80% of those were freeway intersections.

Below is detailed information about the most dangerous intersections in the city, and you have been hurt in a car accident, speak to our Detroit car accident attorneys for assistance.

Gratiot Avenue

The year 2021 saw dozens of serious car accidents at Gratiot Avenue and Conner Street. Many of these crashes left people with injuries. Gratiot Avenue is situated in one of the country’s most dangerous zip codes.

Unfortunately, Gratiot Avenue is dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. People living in the area say the road is similar to driving on a highway because people drive so fast. Speeding is one of the most common causes of fatal car accidents nationwide.

Conant Street And East Davison Street

One of the deadliest intersections in Michigan is Conant Street and East Davison Street. Many deadly accidents happened there in 2021, many of them because of drunk driving. If a drunk driver hurts you, there could be criminal and civil liability, so speak to a car accident attorney.

Linwood Street and West Davison Street

Linwood Street often has poorly maintained roads and sidewalks, making it more hazardous for drivers and pedestrians. A broken fire hydrant making a five-foot-deep divot in the road was not repaired for months. This caused many damaged vehicles and accidents. If you can file a claim for your losses, you might be able to file a claim against the local government for your losses.

Greenville Road And 7 Mile Road

In December 2022, several cars on Greenfield Road and 7 Mile Road were observed by police to be drifting. This is making a motor vehicle slide through a turn with the front of the car pointed in the opposite direction of the turn. The cars did several donuts and other reckless actions, including turning the vehicles in tight circles and stomping on the gas.

This is dangerous driving behavior that happens in more Detroit intersections and roads. No one was injured in this incident, but if you see drifting and other reckless driving actions, call the police immediately.

More Dangerous Detroit Intersections – Crash Statistics

Other intersections in the city are hazardous. Here are crash statistics for some of the most dangerous ones:

  • 11 Mile Road, I-696, and Van Dyke Avenue – 194 auto accidents
  • 18.5 Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue – 165 auto accidents
  • Telegraph Road and 12 Mile Road – 150 auto accidents
  • Schoolcraft Road and Telegraph Road – 112 auto accidents
  • Orchard Lake Road and 14 Mile Road – 144 auto accidents
  • I-75 and Big Beaver Road – 120 auto accidents
  • Ford Road and Lilley Road – 109 auto accidents

What Makes Some Intersections More Hazardous?

There are many factors that make some Detroit intersections more dangerous than others:

  • More cars in less space: If you drive on a busy road and through chaotic intersections in Detroit, one wrong move by a driver can cause a chain reaction accident. If there are multiple injured parties and serious injuries, the no-fault auto insurance required in Michigan might not be enough to cover your damages.
  • Aggressive driving: People driving in traffic tend to be more aggressive, leading to speeding and running red lights, among other aggressive behavior. Many severe accidents happen in busy Detroit intersections when one last driver tries to get through when the light turns red.
  • Not understanding driving laws: Recent crash statistics in Detroit showed that about 25% of auto accidents in intersections involve drivers from 15-24. These are inexperienced drivers who may not understand right-of-way and other traffic laws.
  • Distracted driving: As mobile phones have become commonplace, more drivers are driving distracted, taking text messages, and surfing the Internet when driving. This is against the law in Michigan, and needless to say, is dangerous behavior in busy Detroit traffic.

How To Avoid Car Accidents In Detroit

There are at least 6 million car accidents in the US annually, and many are in Detroit. Some accidents can be avoided by following these principles:


At least 50% of auto accidents happen in intersections. There are several things to keep in mind when going through Detroit intersections:

  • Do not accelerate through an intersection because it increases reaction times if something unexpected happens, such as a driver running the light.
  • Do not hit the gas when there is a yellow light. You should only go through a yellow if you do not have enough time to stop safely.
  • Avoid intersections with no left turn arrow if you can. The more times you must judge oncoming traffic to make the left turn safely, the greater the chances of an accident.


This means you should not trust that other drivers will act prudently. They may not make a wise decision, so follow these tips:

  • You should not be in a position where an accident is avoided because the other driver acted. If you are at other drivers’ will on the road, the chances of accidents rise. For example, if you change into the left lane because the right is slowing down, assume another driver in the right lane might pull out suddenly.
  • Do not follow the driver in front of you too closely. You do not know when a driver ahead will hit the brakes.


  • More car accidents happen because of speeding than any other cause. So, remember these guidelines:
  • On the highway, slower traffic is usually on the right. While often slower, driving in the right lane is safer than in higher-speed lanes.
  • Keep to the speed limit. Driving already takes a lot of concentration and skill, and speeding only makes it harder and more hazardous.

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Detroit Auto Accident Statistics

car accident statistics

The damages and losses suffered after a Detroit car accident can threaten your livelihood and family. Plus, the no-fault laws in Michigan can make it difficult to obtain proper compensation, but having a car accident lawyer can help. Learn about Detroit and Michigan car accident statistics and related information below, and speak to our Detroit car accident attorneys if you have a case.

Too Many Serious And Fatal Auto Accidents In Detroit

A report entitled Detroit Comprehensive Safety Action Plan was released in 2022 and had many sobering statistics about the city’s serious and fatal car accidents. As of 2020, the city’s auto accident fatality rate per capita was #2 among America’s largest cities, and the pedestrian death rate was #3.

The report states that about 108 people died in traffic crashes annually in Detroit between 2017 and 2021. The fatal wreck average in Detroit continued to rise steadily and climbed significantly during the pandemic, outpacing many other large cities in the country. Also, the overall number of Detroit residents seriously injured or killed in auto accidents rose 47% from 2014 to 2021.

Between 2019 and 2020, traffic deaths on Detroit’s local roads increased from 94 to 150, which was a startling 50% increase in only a year, which far eclipses the national trend. With 150 fatalities, 2020 was the worst year on Detroit roads since 2004. Fortunately, fatalities fell to 123 in 2021, a 31% increase from 2019.

The report continues that compared to other large US cities, Detroit is an outlier. It is at the top of the list for overall crash deaths per capita and pedestrian deaths per capita, as of 2020. In 2020, Detroit had 28.71 deaths per 100,000 people and 6.16 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 people, which ranks second and third, respectively, for US cities with at least a 500,000 population.

Michigan Auto Accident Facts And Statistics

In Michigan, there is approximately one death annually for every 100,000 residents, which is one of the worst rates in the entire country. Also, recent crash statistics show that Michigan traffic fatalities hit a 16-year peak in 2021. Here are some unsettling facts about car accidents in Michigan:

Fatal Car Accidents High In Michigan

If you live in Detroit or Michigan, be aware that 40% of all accidents in the state kill someone every year. This is not as many as in big states such as Texas or California, but Michigan is #2 only to Florida, where 33% of all car accidents kill someone annually.

Michigan Is #2 On Deadly Accidents Per Mile

Michigan drivers often face heavy traffic, especially in the Detroit metro area. Unfortunately, Michigan is second in the nation for the most fatal accidents per mile. This number is determined by dividing the number of auto accidents that killed someone by the miles driven by the average Michigan driver in 2014. So, while Michigan has fewer deadly crashes, they are often more severe and deadly.

Detroit Is The Deadliest In The State For Car Accidents

Like any large city, Detroit has many fatal car accidents, where the most fatal crashes happen in the state. Also, the number of deadly collisions in Detroit has risen for many years.

Winter Months Have The Most Fatal Accidents

Plenty of snow and ice in winter leads to more severe and fatal crashes across Michigan. This is why many people leave Michigan in the winter for sunnier climates and return in the spring.

What To Do After A Detroit Car Accident

The numbers indicate that too many serious and fatal auto accidents happen in Detroit and Michigan. Unfortunately, serious accidents are rising in Detroit, often due to speeding, running red lights, DUI, texting and driving, and even drag racing. If you have been in a car accident in Detroit, there are several actions you should take:

Stop Immediately

No one wants to be hassled with a car accident, but stop your vehicle immediately if it happens. Whether it is a major wreck or a minor fender-bender, you and the other drivers should immediately stop and remain at the scene. You may be charged with hit-and-run if you leave the crash scene.

Move Your Car To The Side Of The Road

After a crash on a busy Detroit road, vehicles may block traffic, leading to more accidents. Move your car to the side of the street so other cars can safely pass. Move to a safe location away from traffic and wait for the police.

Call 911

After a crash, people can get emotional and stressed. It is best to call 911 in all cases so that the police and first responders come to the scene to assess the situation and treat the injured. Having professionals at the accident scene can defuse arguments, and the police report could be a critical piece of information for a claim.

Document The Crash Scene

One of the critical reasons to hire a car accident attorney is they will investigate the crash to find out who caused it. If your at-fault insurance benefits do not cover your damages, it could be possible to file a claim against the other driver. This means proving liability could be critical. Your attorney will investigate what happened, but you can help them by collecting evidence after the crash.

For example, take pictures of all vehicles in the wreck, including their positions on the road. If the crash happened in an intersection, take wide-angle shots that show the entire crash scene. Also, take photos or video road signs, visible car damages, and any injuries you or your passengers have.

Get Medical Treatment

A medical professional should always see you to check for injuries. Even a ‘minor’ injury could flare up into something serious a day or two later. Delaying medical treatment is a common reason an insurance company denies a claim.

Contact Our Detroit Car Accident Lawyers Now

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Officer-involved crash injured two people, killed 1

A fatal car accident took the life of one person and injured two people near Pelham road.

According to reports, a Ford Explorer driven by an on-duty Dearborn Heights patrol officer, was attempting to pass a car when it crashed into a Lexus ES 350 driven at the intersection of Van Born road and Pelham road. The Lexus was reportedly trying to turn left towards Pelham when the collision took place.

The impact of the collision seriously injured the driver of the Lexus, who was identified as 59-year-old Timothy Turner. He sustained multiple injuries and died a few days later.

Two officers were rushed to the hospital after being thrown from their vehicle.

No arrests have been made as investigation is still underway.

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Dawn Food Products recalls pudding mix

An amount of instant pudding and pie filling is being recalled by Dawn Food Products due to possible salmonella contamination.

The Food Safety News says that the recall was initiated following the announcement of the Dawn Food Products’ third-party manufacturer’s, Valley Milk Products, own recall. According to the report, Valley Milk Products facility and finished products have been tested positive for salmonella contamination. Salmonella is an organism that can be fatal to both young children and elderly.

The products subject to recall include Dawn Foods’ R&H Speedy Crème Instant Pudding and Pie Filling. The affected items come in four-pound, two-ounce bags that bear product numbers 00727521 and 00257857.

The company urges the public to discontinue the usage of the products and dispose of the product immediately. To date, no illnesses from the consumption of the products have been reported to the company.

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Suspect in hit-and-run crash appears in court

Hit-and-run suspect Steven Patrick Guzina made an appearance in court for a preliminary hearing of the crash that took the life of Myron Jarrett, a veteran Detroit police officer.

The accident took place last October 28 near Monica Street and Puritan Avenue. According to reports, Jarrett was assisting an investigation when an unknown van struck him and two other officers. Jarret sustained multiple injuries and was immediately rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The two other officers were fortunately not injured. Guzina, the driver of the van, left his stalled vehicle at the crash scene and escaped the scene by foot. He was later arrested at a bus stop near Grand River Avenue and Schaefer Highway.

The 54-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, driving under the influence causing death, driving under the influence causing serious bodily injury, hit and run, and reckless driving causing death and/or serious injuries.

We at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys are deeply saddened by this tragic news. We send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Myron Jarrett.

Car crash kills one, injures three others

Police suspect that the driver responsible for a fatal car crash on Troy intersection was suffering from a medical condition.

Around 5:30 in the afternoon on October 17th,  a silver Ford Escape was westbound on Wattles Street, about to make a left when it was hit by a blue Chrysler Town and Country.

The driver of the Chrysler failed to stop for a red traffic signal before crashing the Ford. All four people involved in the crash sustained notable injuries and were brought to nearby hospitals.

A 70-year-old woman, Shyamala Ramachandran, died from her injuries. Police say she was in the back seat of the Ford and wasn’t buckled up. The other three passengers are still being treated in the hospital.

The accident remains under investigation, but alcohol and drugs have been ruled out as factors in the crash.  Anyone who has any information about the accident is urged to contact police at 248-524-3477.