Honda initiates nationwide recall of vehicles with Takata airbags

Automaker giant Honda agreed to expand the recall of cars equipped with defective Takata airbags to include the entire U.S., rather than just a regional portion, Fox Business reported on December 3.

Japanese airbag maker Takata has recently been under fierce criticism over defective airbags that may burst shrapnel-like material when inflated. Despite the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) request to expand the recall, Takata insisted that only areas with high humidity must be the focus of the recall, not the entire nation.

Some car manufacturers have limited their recall efforts to regions with high humidity, citing research that suggests a humid climate may trigger the airbag to deploy.

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McDonald’s toy recalled for child safety issues

The world’s largest restaurant chain McDonald’s recalled Hello Kitty lollipop whistles it distributed as a freebie with Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meal after learning about associated risks of choking and asphyxiation, according to a Bloomberg article on November 11.

The company advised consumers to immediately return the defective whistles at any McDonald’s restaurant, as its components might detach and place children’s safety at risk. Two children have already experienced potentially dangerous incidents, one of whom needed medical attention after coughing up pieces of the toy.

McDonald’s branches will be substituting the defective toys with another one, and will give customers either a bag of sliced apples or a yogurt tube.

Of the approximately 2.3 million defective whistles, 1.6 million have already been recovered, the company said in an online statement.

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Trinity Industries suspends ET-Plus guardrail sales

Trinity Industries said it will not sell its ET-Plus guardrail system until all the crash safety tests requested by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are completed, ABC News reported on October 25.

The FHWA threatened to suspend the eligibility of ET-Plus for sale unless the company complied with the agency’s demand to further test the product. The ET-Plus guardrail system has been at the center of attention over allegations that the changes made to the device have caused the product to spear through cars during a frontal guardrail collision, instead of crimping and absorbing the impact.

The company was recently fined $175 million after a jury found that the company failed to inform authorities about the modifications it made to the product in 2005.

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Toyota recalls 423,000 Lexus units due to fire risk

Some older Lexus models sold in the U.S. are being recalled by Toyota after they discovered a defective gasket sealing that may leak fuel and cause fire, an online report stated on Wednesday, October 15.

423,000 2007 to 2010 LS sedan, 2006 to 2011 GS sedan, 2006 to 2011 IS compact, 2010 IS C, and 2008 to 2010 IS-F are covered by Toyota’s consumer level recall. The car maker stated that fuel delivery pipes in the engine compartment are coated with anti-corrosive plating. However, plating particles could also make their way into the gasket where a fuel pressure sensor is installed. This condition may compromise the seal between the sensor and the fuel pipe, which might result in fire-causing leaks.

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Free online search tool identifying recalled vehicles now up and running

Due to a soaring number of recalled vehicles on the American road that are still in need of repairs, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has created an online search tool that would help car buyers and owners identify whether their unit has been flagged.

A report by CBS DFW on Wednesday, August 20 states that vehicle owners, and potential owners, will be able to view the car’s recall status free of charge. The online search tool would only require the vehicle identification number (VIN) to be entered, which can be located at the driver’s door post, or on the driver’s side dashboard just below the windshield.

Car manufactures are also required to display this data, and are further instructed to update the database every seven days.

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Cubicin recalled due to foreign particulate matter contamination

Certain lots of Cubicin 500 mg in 10 mL single-use vials have been voluntarily recalled by manufacturer Cubist Pharmaceuticals. The recall comes after numerous reports that the drug may contain life-threatening foreign particulate matter, Market Watch reported on Sunday, August 10.

Reconstituted vials of the antibacterial injection with lot numbers CDC 203, CDC 207, CDC 213, CDC 217, CDC 226, CDC 234, CDC 235, CDC 243, and CDC 246 are all affected by the nationwide recall. Consumers are instructed to return the product for replacement.

Recall promoters argue that administering injectable drugs with traces of foreign matter poses great health risk among its users, including pulmonary embolism and phlebitis.

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Kraft’s Velveeta Cheese recalled due to risk of premature spoilage

American grocery manufacturing and processing conglomerate Kraft issued a consumer-level voluntary recall of its Velveeta Original Pasteurized Recipe Cheese product because the cheese might not contain enough preservatives to avoid early spoilage, Tech Times reported on June 21.

In a statement issued on June 19, Kraft stated that the products may have been distributed to different Walmart stores across 12 different states, including Michigan. Results from the product sample tests revealed the affected products might not contain adequate amount of sorbic acid, a food preservative essential to preventing premature spoilage.

The recalled cheese bear the details 10021000611611 as UPC code, 021000611614 as consumer package UPC code, and a date code and time stamp of Dec. 17, 2014 and 09:34 – 13:15, respectively.

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Families of those killed by GM defect to receive at least $1M

In a press conference held in Washington D.C. on June 30, compensation expert for General Motors (GM) Kenneth Feinberg announced the company’s plan to provide at least a million dollars for each death associated with GM’s defective ignition switch, the International Business Times reported.

On top of the $1 million is a summation of the victim’s economic worth, an additional $300,000 for a surviving spouse, and another $300,000 for every living dependent. Although the company could have opted to use the bankruptcy it filed for in 2009 to avoid addressing all previous product liability claims, it has chosen not to do this. However, claims in which airbags were deployed will most likely be rejected.

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NuvaRing’s multi-million settlement to stand

Last February, pharmaceutical giant Merck agreed to pay $100 million to settle accusations that its contraceptive ring NuvaRing can cause fatal health risks. Merck had an option to reject the agreement if less than 95% of the legitimate claimants failed to participate in the deal, USA Today reported on June 5.

However, an announcement made by Merck and the attorneys defending the claimants revealed that the 95% participation rate has been satisfied, which means the agreement will be in force for approximately 3,800 plaintiffs. NuvaRing, a contraceptive device that is 98% effective in preventing pregnancies, has been involved in a series of lawsuits alleging that the device may cause life-threatening health risks, such as heart attack and stroke.

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Kraft cheese products recalled due to improper storage

Kraft Foods Group has issued a voluntary consumer product recall of four cottage cheese labels on Saturday, May 17, due to improper storage that could lead to spoilage or illness, Food Safety News reported on May 18.

The company is recalling 1.2 million cases of Knudsen, Breakstone, Simply Kraft, and Daily Chef after discovering that some of its ingredients were not stored at the correct temperature. All of the affected products have code dates ranging from May 9, 2014 to July 23, 2014, which can typically be found on the top of the package.

The company added that only the Simply Kraft products with the plant code 06-245 and without a ‘W’ in the case code date are affected by the recall.

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