Common Types of Drug Complications

Prescription medications are meant to help people manage and treat thousands of different medical conditions. While most of these medications are made and handled with care, sometimes errors made by manufacturers or pharmaceutical technicians lead to drug complications that can be devastating for patients. From the physical and emotional effects to the financial burdens that often accompany harm caused by a drug complication, victims of this kind of negligence often struggle in the aftermath.

At Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys, our lawyers know that anyone in Detroit who has been the victim of an unexpected drug complication is likely suffering from numerous repercussions. However, those responsible for the complications should be the ones held reliable for many of these burdens. As such, people who have been harmed by drug complications should consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the party at fault.

Common but Serious Drug Complications

When drug complications occur, there are instances in which nothing could have been done to prevent them; however, there are many instances in which a person could likely have avoided the side effects, which can include the following:

  • Having a dangerous ingredient mixture with other drugs
  • Suffering from vomiting / stomach poisoning
  • Having an allergic reaction
  • Developing a new condition
  • Worsening of the initial complication

Drug complications might be the fault of a medical care provider who failed to tell a person how to properly use a drug or a pharmaceutical technician who failed to properly label a drug with necessary instruction, in addition to others.

Contact a Drug Complications Lawyer in Detroit

If you or someone you care about has been victimized by an error in a drug that led to drug complications, then you might be entitled to monetary compensation. This compensation may not be able to reverse the effects of a drug complication, but it can help a victim and their family to better recover from the repercussions in many cases. Call our legal team at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys at (248) 948-9696 to discuss your legal options in-depth.