Toyota recalls 423,000 Lexus units due to fire risk

Some older Lexus models sold in the U.S. are being recalled by Toyota after they discovered a defective gasket sealing that may leak fuel and cause fire, an online report stated on Wednesday, October 15.

423,000 2007 to 2010 LS sedan, 2006 to 2011 GS sedan, 2006 to 2011 IS compact, 2010 IS C, and 2008 to 2010 IS-F are covered by Toyota’s consumer level recall. The car maker stated that fuel delivery pipes in the engine compartment are coated with anti-corrosive plating. However, plating particles could also make their way into the gasket where a fuel pressure sensor is installed. This condition may compromise the seal between the sensor and the fuel pipe, which might result in fire-causing leaks.

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