Kidde recalls almost 5 million disposable fire extinguishers

Kidde has announced a nationwide recall of almost 5 million disposable fire extinguishers that may fail to discharge when used in a fire emergency, according to a report by the Associated Press on February 12.

4.6 million disposable fire extinguishers with a faulty plastic valve component are being recalled after the company received 11 reports wherein the units failed to discharge after pressing and releasing the lever many times during an emergency. The defective units are red, silver, or white, and are rated with either ABC or BC (find this next to the nameplate). Thirty-one fire extinguisher models are affected by the recall and were sold from August 2013 to November 2014 online and at different stores, such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Menards.

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McDonald’s toy recalled for child safety issues

The world’s largest restaurant chain McDonald’s recalled Hello Kitty lollipop whistles it distributed as a freebie with Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meal after learning about associated risks of choking and asphyxiation, according to a Bloomberg article on November 11.

The company advised consumers to immediately return the defective whistles at any McDonald’s restaurant, as its components might detach and place children’s safety at risk. Two children have already experienced potentially dangerous incidents, one of whom needed medical attention after coughing up pieces of the toy.

McDonald’s branches will be substituting the defective toys with another one, and will give customers either a bag of sliced apples or a yogurt tube.

Of the approximately 2.3 million defective whistles, 1.6 million have already been recovered, the company said in an online statement.

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