How Photos And Video Can Help Win Your Detroit Car Crash Case

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Millions of car crashes happen annually in the United States. Some of them are only minor fender benders, but others result in devastating, life-changing injuries for those involved. If you were in a Detroit car accident recently, there is a chance it was due to another driver’s negligence or recklessness. In this case, you could file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

You can aid your legal case by following the advice below about taking photos and videos after the car accident. If you have questions or want to file a lawsuit, our Detroit car accident attorneys at Ravid & Associates are highly qualified to assist you. Our attorneys have obtained more than $350 million in settlements and verdicts for clients. We understand how to handle insurance companies, and our trial attorneys will safeguard your rights in court.

Why Photos And Video Are Important After A Detroit Car Crash

Michigan is now a no-fault state for car accidents, which means your auto insurance will usually pay for your initial medical expenses and other damages. However, it is still possible to file a personal injury lawsuit for certain losses, including pain and suffering. Thus, it is still essential to collect accident evidence to build a legal case if you decide to file a suit.

This is where taking pictures and videos after an auto accident is vital. Remember, a successful car accident claim is constructed on evidence and details. Taking videos and photos of the accident scene can be some of the most critical evidence in your case. Here is why:

Shows Damages To Vehicles

It is common for one party to argue that there was no damage to a particular vehicle or it was ‘only a scratch.’ The at-fault driver also could say that some of the vehicle damage happened after the incident. While insurance companies will take photos and videos of the vehicle damages, this will not happen for a few days. You can help your property damage case by taking photos and video of vehicle damages after the accident. Your images will have a time stamp, so it is easy to prove when they were taken.

Shows Your Injuries

Suppose you want to file a personal injury lawsuit later because of your severe injuries and pain and suffering. You will need to prove that you have injuries, and they stem from the Detroit car crash. Pictures of your injuries at the crash scene may be helpful to prove your injuries and how they happened.

Not every injury is apparent, such as head trauma, but cuts, bruises, and scrapes at the crash scene are essential evidence in photos and videos. Also, take images of your injuries a few days after the accident; swelling and bruising may take time to manifest.

Shows Vehicle Positions

You can aid your legal case by videoing and photographing the vehicle positions before the police move them. Vehicle positions after the accident may be critical evidence to assign liability.

Shows How The Crash Happened

Physical evidence at the scene could show how the accident happened. For example, if a vehicle ran a red light and smashed into your car, there could be skid marks showing when the driver tried to stop. Or, a patch of black ice could show how a driver lost control. Taking detailed photos and videos of the crash scene from several angles can also help your case.

May Find Other Helpful Evidence

Taking photos and videos of witnesses whose contact information was not obtained could help find them later. Images of nearby buildings also can help if the police want to get security footage that shows how the accident happened.

Do You Need To Have Serious Injuries To Sue?

As noted earlier, Michigan is a no-fault state, but you can still sue for damages in certain circumstances. State law says that you must have a ‘serious impairment of an important bodily function’ to file for pain and suffering damages. In many accidents, this issue will be decided by a judge who decides if your case can move forward.

However. most injured parties typically qualify if they have bone fractures, ruptured discs, or a brain injury. If you suffered permanent disfigurement, you also could be eligible.

Proving that you have a severe impairment means that our car accident attorneys will rely on your medical records and statements to show how your injuries affect your life. The insurance company may claim that your injuries are not severe, but Ravid & Associates will work hard to overcome those arguments.

In addition to money for serious injuries, you could be entitled to funds for emotional distress. Often, mental anguish and emotional distress after a car crash and the recovery process are a large part of the settlement or award. You could have emotional distress after a car accident if you have depression, anxiety, or inability to work or engage in activities you enjoy.

If the case involves a fatality, it will typically qualify for damages under state law. The family members of the deceased may wish to file a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit and sue the at-fault driver. Your family may be entitled to damages for the deceased’s pain and suffering, burial and funeral costs, and lost future income and inheritance.

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Far too many car accidents happen in Detroit on 8 Mile Road, 7 Mile Road, Joy Road, and many others. Defensive driving can help you avoid some accidents, but others may be unavoidable. If another driver hits and injures you in Detroit, you need an aggressive and experienced legal advocate to get the money you deserve.

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