Hands-free texting still a distraction, researchers say

Driving while voice texting still dangerously distracts drivers, researchers from the University of Central Florida (UCF) found.

According to a Reuters article, UCF conducted a study that involved 40 texting drivers in a traffic incident that would measure their reaction time to road stimuli. While driving a car simulator, each of them was asked to text using either a smartphone or Google Glass. The drivers were then forced to react to a car ahead of them by suddenly applying brakes. The results revealed that although drivers using Google Glass were quicker to return attention back on the road, there was statistically no difference between how quickly the two drivers hit their brakes.

Ben Sawyer, psychological researcher of UCF, stated that although wearable technology such as Google Glass may help texters fix their eyes on the road while texting, looking at the road does not necessarily mean they see it.

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