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If you or a loved one sustained injuries on the job, workers’ compensation can serve as an effective safety net for potential medical bills and lost wages. These claims may often be denied, however, leaving you without financial benefits from your employer and forcing you to cover your own costs out-of-pocket. The Detroit worker’s compensation claim denial lawyers at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys can guide you through the claim appeals process and help you to secure the workers’ compensation benefits you need in order to fully recover.

In Michigan, you may appeal a denied claim through the state’s Board of Workers’ Compensation. This is an often complicated legal process that is best handled by experienced attorneys. If you have been denied a workers’ compensation claim, the knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys are here to help. Call us today at (248) 948-9696 or fill out our online contact form for a completely free initial case evaluation.

How Can a Lawyer Help With My Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim?

A qualified attorney can help significantly with a denied workers’ compensation claim. From the many reasons a workers’ compensation claim may be denied to the fact that insurance companies often do not have employees’ best interests at heart, appealing a denied claim is often fraught with pitfalls and complications. You may need to go before a judge or Michigan’s Worker’s Compensation Agency, or enter into a mediation process with an insurance company. Often, these institutions require very specific legal actions in order to successfully recover workers’ compensation benefits.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always work in employees’ best interest, and may also attempt to withhold money that you need in order to be able to recover. An experienced lawyer will be able to effectively communicate with insurance companies and, if necessary, the courts or state Workers’ Compensation Agency in order to get you the best possible resolution to your case. With a lawyer’s help, you are far more likely to have your claim approved than you would trying to handle your appeal yourself.

Why Hire Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys to Handle My Case?

The workers’ compensation lawyers at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys put your interests first. Our attorneys have many years of experience handling denied workers’ compensation claims for our clients in the Detroit area. The skilled legal team at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys thoroughly understand the details of this complex process. We will fight to get the compensation that you and your family need to get your life back on track.

All of our initial consultations are free, allowing us to learn about the unique needs of your individual case. We also operate on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not get paid unless we win financial compensation for you and your family. We will cover the costs of your case ourselves, and only take a small percentage of your settlement. If we are unable to recover any money, you won’t owe us anything. We have won millions for our past clients, including $3 million in an individual workers’ compensation case, and we are ready to do the same for you.

Reasons That a Workers’ Compensation Claim May Be Denied

In Michigan, an insurance company may deny a workers’ compensation for a number of reasons. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The injury or claim was not filed on time: In Michigan, injuries must be reported to your employer within 90 days and claims must be filed within 2 years of the accident.
  • The employee did not see a physician approved by the employer’s insurance company: A physician that is approved by your employer’s insurance company must first evaluate your injuries. You are only allowed to see your personal doctor after a specified time after the incident.
  • The insurance company believes the injury you sustained was unrelated to work: Workers’ compensation only covers injuries that occurred on the job.
  • The insurance company believes that you have a preexisting condition or injury: If your injury was not a direct result of your work, you may not be eligible for compensation.
  • There is insufficient evidence of medical documentation for the injury you sustained: You must provide substantial evidence to prove that your injury occurred at work and was serious enough to require the compensation you are requesting.

Your lawyer will be able to determine why your initial claim was denied, and then use that information to make a successful appeal.

Appealing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

The workers’ compensation process in Michigan is often complicated with many procedural intricacies. Generally speaking, the appeals process for a denied workers’ compensation claim is filed primarily through the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency, but can pass through a number of agencies and court systems depending on how far up the appeals process you go.

After filing an appeal with the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency, the steps of the workers’ compensation claim appeals process in Michigan may include:

  • Mediation: In certain circumstances, your appeal may be brought in for mediation with a mediator from the state workers’ compensation agency. The mediator will attempt to help you reach a voluntary settlement between you and your employer’s insurance company.
  • Trial: Should you be unable to solve the dispute through the agency’s mediator, you will then move to a workers’ compensation hearing or trial. Trials are held before a magistrate (not a jury), and often involve testimony from the insurance company, your employer, yourself, and even your coworkers.
  • Further Appeals: If you do not agree with the magistrate’s decision, you may appeal to a workers’ compensation appellate court, the Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission, or the Michigan state court system. Both involve highly complex legal processes that will require the help of a skilled workers’ compensation claim denial lawyer to be successful.

The workers’ compensation appeals process is often complex, and you should not try to handle it alone. The Detroit claim denial lawyers at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys have years of experience dealing with workers’ compensation hearings or trials.

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If you or a loved one are dealing with a denied workers’ compensation claim, it is important that you contact an attorney that can assess your case as soon as possible. There are deadlines both for filing an initial workers’ compensation claim and appealing the denial of a workers’ compensation claim.

The Detroit workers’ compensation lawyers at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys can help you to secure the benefits that you need to recover and live a happy, healthy life. Contact us today at (248) 948-9696 to schedule a completely free initial consultation to assess your case.