Detroit Mechanical Defect / Malfunction Lawyers

The inherent danger that large 18-wheelers pose makes it imperative that all of the proper safety measures are taken and that these trucks are well maintained. However, sometimes, even skilled drivers cannot prevent accidents when crucial components fail due to a mechanical defect or malfunction. But the attorneys of Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys in Detroit can help victims fight back, working to secure financial compensation from the negligent manufacturers or designers who put your life at risk.

Two Common Mechanical Defect / Malfunctions

Defects and malfunctions in large trucks are extremely dangerous, and are more common than you might think. Although there are many other failures that large 18-wheeler trucks can experience, these two defects and malfunctions are among the most dangerous:

  • Brake Malfunction
  • Tire Defects

If you have been involved in an accident with a large truck, you are likely facing mounting medical expenses and suffering lost income from the time you are unable to work while recovering. Truck accident victims shouldn’t have to worry about finances at a time like this. An experienced Detroit truck accident attorney at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys can advocate on your behalf.

Contact a Mechanical Defect / Malfunction Lawyer in Detroit

If a truck’s mechanical defect or malfunction likely caused your Detroit accident, then you might be due financial compensation from the truck manufacturer or designer. The attorneys of Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys can help you better understand your legal options in this situation. Contact us our Detroit offices today by calling (248) 948-9696 to learn more.