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It would be reasonable to assume that a product made for the care or entertainment of children would be designed with the utmost attention and care. Babies and developing children are naturally very curious and prone to accidental injury. The reality of this fragile age is why mindfulness of how certain toys operate and are designed is pivotal to a child’s safety. Unfortunately, child product manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and retailers often overlook this responsibility in ways that can significantly harm a child’s health and well-being through no fault of the parent or guardian. These injuries can range from exposure to toxic substances to physical injuries and unexplained illness. While adults have a greater capacity to sustain an accidental injury, even the smallest injuries can cause substantial harm to a child.

There are not many injuries that are more horrifying than an injury to a child. As a parent, learning that your child has suffered harm because of a defective product or toy that you gave them can be distressing. Whether the injury was caused by a design flaw, undisclosed risks associated with the product, improper warnings, or unsafe handling on the path from the manufacturer to the consumer, the dedicated Detroit childcare product liability lawyers at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys believe that harm done to children on account of negligence is unacceptable. Our legal team can advocate on your behalf to not only hold the responsible parties accountable for their recklessness, but also ensure that no other child has to suffer injury due to their product defect.

Types of Child Injuries from Defective Products

Sadly, child injuries from dangerous toys or care products happen on a regular basis, such that victims of product defects suffer similar injuries. Injuries commonly sustained by children because of a faulty product include:

  • Lead paint poisoning
  • Choking on small items
  • Burns and electrical shock from electronic toys
  • Lacerations from toys with sharp edges
  • Injury due to drop-side cribs
  • Injury due to poorly designed clothing (strangulation on long drawstrings, etc.)
  • Strangulation due to long wires or cords attached to toy
  • Injury due to faulty playground equipment
  • Injury due to faulty pool equipment
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) due to defective “sleep positioners” and bedding

Products made for children—or that have a certain or high likelihood of coming into contact with children—should always have proper, clearly labeled warnings. Additionally, manufacturers should be mindful of smaller components and parts of the product that may have the potential to cause injury. When products don’t exercise this degree of precaution, their manufacturer may be liable any injuries that arise as a result.

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Although, regrettably, nothing can undo your child’s injury, you do not have to feel powerless in the midst of this unfortunate accident. The impassioned Detroit child product liability lawyers at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys can fight for your child’s personal injury and make the responsible parties own up to their mistake. If your child has suffered an injury, illness, or death because of a product defect, contact our offices at (248) 948-9696 for support and guidance in your case.