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Have you been represented by an attorney or law firm that has taken advantage of you? If you have been mistreated by a lawyer who breached a contract to represent you, it may feel as if you are not able to get the justice you deserve.

The attorneys at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys have worked in Michigan for years and have served thousands of clients. We have handled many cases involving a breach of contract between a lawyer and client. If an attorney has breached a contract to represent you, a Detroit legal malpractice attorney from Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys can help you gain compensation for any losses you may have incurred as a result. Contact us today at (248) 948-9696 or online to learn more.

Do I Need a Breach of Contract Attorney?

If you are considering pursuing a claim against an attorney who violated your trust, you may be very hesitant of putting your trust into the hands of another attorney. However, hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Legal professionals with experience in legal malpractice cases know what evidence will be necessary to prove your side of the story and how to obtain it. They understand the legalese the opposition may use to defend themselves and will not allow you to be taken advantage of.

With a lawyer’s help, you are far more likely to receive compensation for your losses than you would trying to handle your claim on your own.

Why Choose Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys to Handle My Case?

Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys lawyers have represented clients in Detroit and throughout Michigan for the past 30 years. We respect our clients and treat them like we would our own family. Our firm has handled many breach of contract legal malpractice cases, and we can make sure you get the justice you deserve in your breach of contract case.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients. We know that communication is a key ingredient in an attorney-client relationship, and we keep you informed at every step of the process. Our experienced legal team is always available to take your questions or discuss your concerns. Every case receives the time and attention necessary to obtain the results the client is seeking. If you believe you have a malpractice case involving a breach of contract, Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys lawyers will look out for your best interests.

Types of Cases We Handle

If a lawyer breached a contract to represent you, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys hands all types of legal malpractice cases involving breach of contract, including:

  • Failing to perform a specific requirement of the contract — This occurs when the contract contains specific actions the attorney must complete, and the attorney fails to do so.
  • Overcharging the client or charging for fees not included in the contract — A written contract with an attorney will typically include terms for how the lawyer will charge you for representation. If the attorney does not follow these terms and overcharges you or charges you for items that were not specified the contract, you may have a breach of contract claim against the attorney.
  • Any other failure to follow the terms of the agreement — Any other way in which the attorney fails to adhere to an agreement could be actionable as a breach of contract or some other basis for malpractice.

If you are unsure whether your lawyer breached your contract but something seems suspicious to you, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can examine the details of your situation and determine whether you have a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breach of Contract

The following are some answers to frequently asked questions about breach of contract. We’re available to discuss the specifics of your case in a free, confidential consultation when you call us at (248) 948-9696.

What is a breach of contract?

Breach of contract occurs when someone is obligated to do something under a contract and fails to do it, without a legal excuse. It can also apply where someone is required to refrain from doing something and does it anyway. Any action or inaction that goes against the terms specified in the contract can count as a breach of contract.

What if a contract is not in writing?

Many contracts don’t have to be in writing, but, typically, contracts involving fee agreements with a lawyer must be. If you have an oral or written contract with an attorney and you are questioning whether it is enforceable, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can help you understand your rights.

What if an attorney does not pay me after I won my case?

A written contract with an attorney should specify how and when you will pay the attorney. Usually, in contingency fee cases, such as those for personal injury and medical malpractice, an attorney will only be paid once you have received a recovery, and the percentage the lawyer takes will be specified in the contract. If you had a fee agreement with a lawyer and they failed to follow contract requirements, you may have a breach of contract action that should be filed as a lawsuit.

What if my attorney accepted a settlement in my case without my consent?

A contract with an attorney should specify how settlement offers should be handled, but ordinarily, an attorney must get your approval before accepting any settlement. If an attorney settled your case without your approval, you may have to prove that the settlement was for less than your case was worth. It is always a good idea to speak with a knowledgeable breach of contract malpractice attorney to understand what you may be able to obtain in this type of situation.

What if my attorney made a minor mistake?

Typically, a mistake must be material, meaning it must have affected the outcome of your case in a significant way for a legal malpractice case based on breach of contract to be filed. We can help you understand whether a mistake made in your case had a major or minor effect on the outcome when you schedule a consultation with us.

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