Detroit Homeowner’s Insurance Fraud Lawyer

The Detroit homeowner’s insurance fraud attorneys at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys understand how important it is to protect your possessions, and we advocate for the rights of homeowners when insurance companies attempt to pay them less than they are owed. Unfortunately, because homeowners insurance fraud is a common occurrence, our attorneys understand all too well the financial stress that victims face. At Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys our attorneys stay ready to fight for the rights of homeowners.

Buying a house is an important milestone. It is the culmination of hard work, sacrifice, and planning. One of the most effective ways to protect your home, family, and possessions is with a homeowners insurance policy. Homeowners insurance ensures that the house and surrounding property are covered financially when significant damage is caused by storms or other unexpected disasters. In addition to the property and the valuables inside of it, insurance protects the homeowner from blame or legal consequence if a guest is injured while on their property.

Unfortunately, when an insurance company fails to honor their agreement with a homeowner, it can leave policyholders in the lurch. Being left to shoulder the financial burden of property damage is devastating. When homeowners are left with the bill after an insurance company does not make good on the agreement, the team at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys is ready to step in. Contact us at (248) 948-9696 to speak with an attorney about your situation today.

Do I Need Legal Help?

It is difficult to know when you should contact an attorney if you suspect that your insurance company is withholding fair payment. Insurance companies are often large businesses with many moving parts, so it is not uncommon for communication and correspondence to be rocky at times. However, if your insurance company is avoiding you, delaying payment, or offering you an amount that is nowhere near sufficient to cover the cost of damage to your property or possessions, contacting an attorney can make the difference in receiving the payment you need.

Some of the most common tactics that insurance companies employ to defraud homeowners are:

  • Avoidance
  • Delaying tactics
  • Offering unsatisfactory payment
  • Denying valid claims

If you have experienced any combination of these issues from your insurance company, you are not alone. It is possible to take on the insurance company without legal advice, but the likelihood that you will save time, money, and receive the compensation that your insurer owes you is far greater with an experienced attorney. Many homeowners face this frustration, and you may benefit from legal counsel.

Why Should I Choose Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys?

Lawyers from Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys are well-seasoned in identifying the unfair tactics that insurance companies rely on to avoid paying homeowners what they are owed, and we stand ready to call them out. At [firm name], we pride ourselves in holding institutions to account to protect the dreams of American homeowners.

At their best, insurance companies should safeguard properties and provide resources to their policyholders. Owning a home is complicated enough, and the failure of insurance companies to honor the policies they offer homeowners is something that cannot be taken lightly. Our legal team understands when an insurance company is playing games and when they aren’t. If you suspect an insurance company is not honoring your homeowner’s policy, we are ready to discuss your situation with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Insurance Plan Help if a Guest was Injured in my Home?

If someone sustains a serious injury while on your property, they may try to hold you accountable for any costs related to their injuries. While they are within their rights to seek this compensation, you are likely not financially responsible if your homeowners insurance plan has a protection called personal liability. Personal liability often ensures that your insurance plan will cover any costs of injury to another person.

If personal liability is included in your plan, you should not ultimately be expected to cover costs because your insurance plan is covers it. Should you be made to feel that you are responsible for the accident by the company you selected to insure you, it is important to seek legal advice from an experienced homeowners insurance fraud lawyer to more fully understand your rights under your plan.

Is Obtaining Legal Services Expensive?

Fighting with an insurance company is often an arduous and drawn out process, we understand that owning a home isn’t cheap, and not receiving the necessary insurance payment after a disaster can be devastating. Though owning a has plenty of advantages there is plenty of work and random expenses that go into repairs, maintenance, taxes, etc.

The lawyers at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys do not collect payment unless we are able to recover payment from the insurance company on your behalf. Not collecting payment unless we win also applies to injury matters as well. If you find that you sustain an injury due to no fault of your own, we only collect payment if we settle your case with the party responsible for your injury.

Contact a Detroit Homeowner’s Insurance Fraud Attorney

It is never okay to be cheated by a company. If you have bought into a plan to insure your home, you deserve to reap the benefits of that plan when something happens to your property. Your home insurance company may be taking advantage of your trust in them by not offering adequate support or response. This is wrong.

If you suspect that your insurance company is not honoring your policy, your instinct may be correct. The experienced Detroit insurance fraud lawyers at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys understand the frustrating position that insurance companies put many homeowners in Detroit, and we are ready to help you take action. Contact us at (248) 948-9696 and let us help you determine the next steps to take. Insurance companies should not be allowed to violate the rights of homeowners, but when they do we are ready to make sure they their stick to their commitments.