Detroit School and Playground Injury Lawyers

When they are not at home, most children spend the majority of their time either at school or on a playground. While these areas offer children the ability to learn, exercise, and socialize, their natural inclination towards active play combined with an underdeveloped judgment can make schools and playgrounds prime places for injuries to occur. Despite the perception that children are constantly supervised during school, daycare, and recess, many children hurt themselves on faulty playground equipment or get hurt because of a supervisor’s inattentive surveillance. Most of these injuries turn out to be minor scrapes and cuts that are not particularly worrisome; however there are plenty of cases where children suffer serious playground injuries that can hinder budding development.

Learning that your child has suffered an injury under another person’s watch can be devastating. We trust that those looking after our children are supervising them with the utmost care, making it particularly painful when a guardian is found to be negligent in their responsibility to vulnerable children. At Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys, our dedicated Detroit school and playground injury attorneys believe in fighting for children who have been hurt because of the carelessness of another party.

Causes of School and Playground Injuries

If a child is not being properly supervised in a school environment, it can result in undue injury. These injuries can be accidental or a result of bullying—in either case, it is imperative that children are always well supervised in school environments. Some causes of school and playground injuries may include:

  • Teacher negligence
  • School district negligence
  • Failure to supervise
  • Sports injuries
  • Sexual assault

Schools have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the children. Unfortunately, larger powers within the school district can be oblivious to what is happening in schools, which is irresponsible and can constitute neglect.

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