Detroit Day Care Injuries Attorneys

Every day, thousands of parents entrust their young ones into the hands of daycare centers on full faith that they will be protected from undue harm. Unfortunately, there are instances in which children are subject to injury due to negligence at the hands of careless daycare employees. If your child has been wrongfully injured at their daycare, you should not have to suffer financially in dealing with the proceedings that follow. Filing a personal injury claim on your child’s behalf against the provider is the pertinent next step in exercising your rights and seeking any compensation you might be eligible for. This will require proving the daycare did indeed act negligently, which can be difficult without the guidance of an experienced attorney.

Filing a lawsuit can help immensely in recovering from the sometimes life-altering consequences that can result from your child being injured, such as the crippling costs associated with prolonged medical care. If your child was hurt while under the supervision of a day care center, contact the Detroit day care injuries lawyers of Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys, at (248) 948-9696.

Pursuing Compensation for Child Day Care Injuries

Children are more susceptible to injuries in general, as they are much more vulnerable and less aware of danger than adults. As such, facilities that are responsible for upholding their constant care and well-being are held to a high standard of conduct that must be followed. At Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys, we understand how devastating it can be when your child is harmed at the hands of those you thought you could trust to provide them with the utmost protection. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the proper party is held responsible when they fail to keep your little one safe. In order for your rights to be fully retained at all parts of the legal process, you need a qualified attorney to guide you through the elements of daycare liability. These include:

  •  Recognizing the obligation of the day care in protecting your child from undue harm
  •  Proving the area where duty of care was breached
  •  Proving that the breach was a direct and proximate cause of your child’s injuries
  •  Proving that the injury was foreseeable to the daycare staff
  •  Proving the nature and value of your child’s injuries

Understanding each factor that plays into filing a personal injury claim on your child’s behalf can become quickly complicated by confusing legal jargon, uncooperative members of the other party, and lack of knowledge on the specifics of how this type of lawsuit proceeds in court. You should never have to attempt to work through these things on your own, especially in light of harm done to your child. The support of the right legal team fighting for your rights will allow you to focus on recovery while someone with the necessary knowledge and experience works towards proving your case and seeking compensation for your child’s injuries.

Contact a Detroit Child Injuries Lawyer

The legal team at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys, does not tolerate preventable injuries to children caused by day care negligence or carelessness. Our team is dedicated to holding the responsible party accountable. We want to make the painful consequences of harm being done to your child and the weighty medical costs that come with it as manageable as possible. To get the support you need and see how our lawyers can help get you through this difficult process, call our office today at (248) 948-9696.