Traumatic Brain Injuries and Altered Consciousness

When a person sustains a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, he or she may lose consciousness or suffer altered states of consciousness as a result of this brain damage. The type of altered consciousness typically depends on the severity and location of the injury; after a particularly serious TBI, a person may fall into a long-term, irreversible coma. If an injury is less severe, a person may progress through states of improving consciousness. In any case, caring for someone who requires ongoing monitoring due to altered consciousness can be very expensive, putting a large financial burden on a family.

At Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys, we believe in providing families of those who have sustained brain injuries in Detroit the opportunity to sue for fair compensation from the responsible person or group. We’re dedicated to fighting for our clients, giving them powerful representation and assistance in their time of need.

States of Altered Consciousness

Traumatic brain injuries can affect areas of the brain responsible for maintaining consciousness and a sense of self-awareness. Without these areas working properly, a person may lose consciousness altogether or may drift into a semi-conscious state. These states of lost consciousness may include the following:

  • Coma, or complete loss of consciousness
  • Locked-in syndrome, which causes an inability to move but full retention of awareness
  • A vegetative state, which results in a lack of self-awareness, but an ability to respond to stimuli
  • A minimally conscious state, which results in a lack of complete consciousness, but a retention of limited self-awareness and response to stimuli

If a patient falls into a state of altered consciousness, he or she may require long-term monitoring and basic care. This ongoing treatment can lead to substantial financial concerns for a family, but there may be options for seeking compensation.

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