Texting While Driving

Using cell phones while driving is a common, although frowned upon, activity. When a driver chooses to text and drive, the danger to others on the road is immediately heightened. Someone who is texting is physically and mentally distracted from the driving task at hand, and may cause a serious accident resulting in injury and expense. In both Detroit and Michigan at large, texting while driving is illegal. Additionally, the ban on texting is considered a primary law. This means a police officer can pull you over specifically for witnessing you texting and does not need to see another traffic violation take place.

Penalties for Texting

In Detroit, anti-texting laws have been enforced to ban all drivers from texting while driving. Penalties that you can receive for texting while driving include:

  • Citation
  • First offense fine: $100
  • Subsequent offenses fine: $200

Texting and driving can put you and others at great risk for a serious accident. When an accident occurs due to the negligence of one driver, that driver could be held financially accountable for the injured party’s damages.

Contact a Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer for Help

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