Liability in Boating Accidents

Boating is a fun form of leisure until someone is seriously injured. Boating accidents include crashes, drownings, and actions that put others at risk of drowning. These types of accidents are extremely scary and dangerous. While the incident you were involved in may truly have been an accident, there are some reasons why you, the driver of your boat, or someone on another boat involved, may be liable.

Reasons for Liability

  • Civil negligence: Negligent behavior while operating a boat includes not following safety procedures or taking proper precautions. If you operate a boat after consuming alcohol, do not preform required maintenance on your boat, purposely drive in inclement weather, or do not adhere to boating signs and coast guard directions, a court may find you guilty of negligence.
  • Criminal negligence: Reckless or drunk driving is considered criminal negligence if it causes harm to property or persons. If you cause another party to have medical bills, monetary property damages, or other losses, you may be criminally liable.
  • Collisions: Much like a car accident, boating collisions typically involve a liable party. If you caused a crash, either by driving or disturbing a driver, you may be held liable. Likewise, if the other boat caused the incident, they may be found liable.

Boating accidents are serious and should not be taken lightly. If serious injury or damages occur, you should immediately notify the coast guard and other necessary emergency responders.

Contact a Boating Accident Lawyer

Once the safety of everyone involved has been addressed and all injuries are attended to, it is important to contact an attorney. At Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys, our experienced Southeast Michigan boating accident lawyers urge you to contact our practice if you are in need of defense or feel that you deserve compensation. Contact us today to schedule a free confidential consultation by calling (248) 948-9696.