Is Bluetooth the Answer?

Bluetooth-ready devices are becoming increasingly popular across the United States. As an effort to decrease the number of distracted driving accidents nationwide, a rising number of jurisdictions. A handsfree Bluetooth device enables drivers to talk on the phone without holding it in their hand, but is Bluetooth really the answer to ending distracted driving accidents?

As our legal team at Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys knows, Bluetooth devices do not totally eliminate Detroit’s distracted driving epidemic. Fortunately for victims of negligent, distracted drivers, legal action may be taken in pursuit of both justice and financial compensation.

Bluetooth Doesn’t Get Rid of Distraction

Although Bluetooth devices can eliminate the need for holding a cell phone while driving, drivers may still get so immersed in a telephone conversation that their road vigilance is hindered. For instance, even if a driver is using a handsfree Bluetooth device, he or she might still:

  • Be cognitively distracted
  • Experience reduced reaction time to traffic changes
  • Drive carelessly
  • Fail to properly observe traffic signage/lights

As such, using a Bluetooth device does not completely prevent drivers from driving recklessly, but it can still help. Regardless, innocent Detroit highway-goers are still being wrongly injured in accidents caused by distracted drivers. So is Bluetooth the answer? Not necessarily.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Detroit

So is Bluetooth the answer? Not necessarily. The need to pay full attention to the road in front of you always remains, and phone calls – whether handsfree or not – often take some of that attention away. So, if a distracted driver has involved you or someone you love in a serious car accident, the attorneys of Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys may be able to help you fight for financial compensation. Contact our Detroit-based legal team today by calling (248) 948-9696.