Identifying Psychological Abuse in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes provide individuals with comprehensive medical care and professional assistance with day-to-day activities. These services can be proved invaluable in maintaining an individual’s dignity and social lifestyle. Accordingly, nursing home residents expect to be cared for in a manner that promotes their dignity and social opportunities.

Sadly, some nursing home residents experience psychological abuse from the very individuals that are meant to care for them. What can be particularly disturbing about psychological abuse in a nursing home is that many residents may not be able to effectively communicate what has happened to them, making the abuse very difficult to substantiate.

Indications of Psychological Abuse

Individuals who are psychologically abused will often demonstrate a few indicative behaviors and emotional states including:

  • Uncharacteristic or unexplained shifts in behavior
  • An uncharacteristic lack of interest in social interaction
  • A prolonged and unreasonable sense of fear or anxiety

Among the most dangerous forms of psychological abuse in nursing homes is isolation from friends and activities. Isolation can severely impact an individual’s emotional wellbeing, especially that of nursing home residents who may require assistance with their mobility.

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