Common Surgical Errors

Surgeons are tasked with executing the most delicate of medical procedures on a daily basis. As a result, it is critical that surgeons, above all other medical professionals, act under the strictest professional standards in order to ensure that they do not unnecessarily expose patients to risks in excess of those already associated with any surgical procedure. Sadly, far too many surgeons do not treat this responsibility with the seriousness it deserves.

Suffering from the consequences of a surgical error, more than most types of medical malpractice, can have a devastating impact on a patient’s life. Fortunately, it may be possible to receive compensation for any mistakes that do occur through a medical malpractice lawsuit. If you have been the victim of a surgical error in Detroit, the lawyers of Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys, understand just how much your life may have been affected, and we make it our business to help surgical error victims in their pursuit of justice.

Types of Surgical Errors

There are a wide range of different surgical errors which patients may suffer, but a few stand out in particular for being especially common. These include:

  • Foreign objects left in body
  • Wrong site surgery
  • Wrong patient surgery
  • Incorrect surgical procedure

All of these types of surgical errors can have serious consequences for a patient and their family, and should not go unpunished.

Contact a Surgical Error Lawyer in Detroit

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