Common Areas for Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents remain a problem in Detroit, despite the fact that pedestrians are legally entitled to safety on the roadways. Unfortunately, a pedestrian who is hit by a driver often faces terrible physical injuries as well as expensive medical bills, and may not know where to turn for help. However, because drivers owe pedestrians a certain amount of respect in traffic, the personal injury attorneys of Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys know that many Detroit pedestrians may pursue financial compensation if a driver injures them.

Hazardous Areas for Pedestrians

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere that people walk, but there are some areas that see more of these accidents on a regular basis. These areas include the following:

  • Schools / school zones
  • Parking lots
  • Highway intersections
  • Residential neighborhoods

While pedestrians should be diligent in observing traffic, it is not their responsibility to make sure that drivers act responsibly on the road. An unsafe driver can injure a pedestrian in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, an experienced attorney in Detroit might also be able to help that pedestrian fight back in court.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Detroit

If you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident, it’s important that you know your legal rights. The personal injury attorneys of Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys in Detroit may help victims evaluate their legal position and determine the best course of action for pursuing financial compensation from the driver involved. Contact our offices in Detroit today by calling (248) 948-9696 to learn more about how we can help you.