Bad Weather and Reckless Drivers

Detroit experiences a lot of adverse weather, so much so that many drivers fail to alter their driving habits to accommodate the poor road conditions. While driving in inclement weather is occasionally unavoidable, the proper precautions must be taken to keep the roadways safe. Unfortunately, many people are injured every year in car accidents because drivers sometimes act recklessly during adverse weather conditions. This puts other drivers at risk of serious physical injuries and unnecessary financial burden.

But the attorneys of Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys can help victims of reckless drivers fight back; they will do everything they can to help secure financial compensation to help you recover your losses.

Reasons Bad Weather Increases Chances of Accidents

Adverse weather like extreme rain, sleet, snow, ice, and wind make roadways much more unsafe. These conditions can cause:

  • Loss of visibility
  • Anxiety / erratic driving
  • Hydroplaning
  • Lost ability to stop / turn suddenly

Drivers should take care to slow down, provide a larger following distance, drive without distraction, and be sure that all of their signal lights are functioning properly. If your accident was caused by another driver’s reckless behavior, be sure to contact a personal injury attorney in Detroit as soon as possible.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Detroit

If a reckless driver has caused your car accident, we know that you could be facing both physical injury and crushing financial expenses. But the attorneys of Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys can help Detroit victims of reckless driving fight for the financial compensation that they may be entitled to. Contact our offices today by calling (248) 948-9696 and learn more about your legal options.