Avoiding Toy Horror Stories

When parents buy their children toys, the last thing they expect is for that device to endanger their child. While the purpose of toys is to entertain, sometimes the negligence of a manufacturer can cause injury or even death for children of a certain age. Parents have a responsibility to buy age-appropriate toys, but when the product is inherently dangerous or lacks warning labels, companies can be liable for the injury of a child. Nonetheless, parents can take steps to help avoid the injury before it happens by being aware of certain warning signs while shopping.

At Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys, our Detroit child injury attorneys are here to represent you in the event that your child was put in danger in ways that were out of your control.

Toy Shopping Tips

When a toy is defective or is in any way dangerous when sold, it can cause harm to children. Ways that a parent can identify a defective product before injury can occur include,

  • Reading age labels, warnings, and safety messages
  • Following assembly instructions
  • Checking toys for loose parts or sharp edges
  • Avoiding toys with cheap metal or paint
  • Paying attention to young children playing with small magnetic parts

If you find any hazardous characteristics in a toy, be sure to report it to the manufacturer to protect others from their negligence. The two most common ways that a child is injured by a toy include choking and lead poisoning, which can lead to serious harm and disability. In this case, it is important to file a lawsuit against those responsible for putting your child and other children in danger.

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